What is coming in 2018 for this blog!?

Hello readers! First and foremost I want to wish everyone happy holidays (even though I’m a bit late), and to wish everyone an amazing new year! So… what is going to happen this year, what kind of changes are coming to me and this blog, and what do I hope to accomplish? Well I want […]

Wrapping Up! | End Phase 1

A lot has been accomplished within the last couple months, but a lot has also been slacking. So in this post, I will be covering everything that been accomplished, what hasn’t (that was planned), and what will be coming up in the next month or so. So stick with me here as we deep dive […]

Books For Success!

Books are fuel for the brain, and they have all the content you need to train your mind to be a successful entreprenuer. They are fundemental for anyone wanting more out of life, so without further explination lets dive into the books I personally have found to be key books for what we are looking […]

Awol Awaken Event Review – 2017

So this past weekend I attended Awol’s Awaken event from the 2nd – 5the of Nov 2017. If I had to choose one word to describe the event, it would be ‘Transformational’. At this event speaker Todd Campbell and Keala Kanae took us on an amazing journey into ourselves, to dig deep into our beliefs […]

How To Get Started Online | Affiliate Marketing

In my last post I introduced how I first got started online, and where I was in the Affiliate Journey. In this post I will be going into detail about how to get started in the programs that I am with, how you can leverage your time to start fueling your dreams, and how really […]

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