So here it is! The comparison that a lot of people have requested!

But before I jump into the comparison, allow me to give you the general details of each program and it’s benefits. Let’s begin with Awol and then Wealthy Affiliate!

Awol Academy | Pros & Cons

Awol Academy has a very distinct reputation for providing newbies and pros in the field of Internet Marketing the tools necessary for success. Every module in the program is filled with rich content that you could never find anywhere else on the internet, seriously.

Each training in Awol academy is a crucial step to building a very profitable business. Skipping one lesson could cost you your business, because just like a jigsaw puzzle, you NEED all parts to complete it.

Awol’s direction of internet marketing is based off Email Marketing -> Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Webinars. There are more in the list but to keep it simple, we will focus on the main ones.

Within the courses you will build your very own working sales funnels and guide customers/leads through a series of pages where you capture the prospects email, so you can send them the offer multiple times. It works phenomenally well, and those who master this style create monthly incomes ranging from 10-20K easily, 30-50K after a couple years, and 100K+ Monthly with experience. This is no joke!

So lets dive into the Pros & Cons


-Foundation of success for Internet Marketing

-Work from home, anytime, or anywhere

-No technical or book knowledge required

Extreme wealth building (return on investment is x10 if followed correctly)

-A lot of personal development

-Motivation train!!! (Awol keeps the energy very high and keeps you motivated)

-Unlock the secrets of writing “selling words”

-Events (Awol hosts live events were attendees, pros, and CEO’s all meet in person)


-Requires a lot of time and dedication, those who don’t find the will won’t make it far

– No Boss! (this isn’t really a con, but with no one telling you want to do, you must have a lot of discipline)

-Price Tag. Awol is NOT cheap, but it is not cheap for a reason, you gain incredible value for the price tag of $10K

Now there aren’t many cons here, and that because truthfully there isn’t, aside from the price (which I can understand, everyone’s financial situation is different), there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As I mentioned in the Awol Review, the return on investment (the 10K) will be returned within 90 days! Awol gives their Elite members a 90 day Guarantee that they will make 10K dollars or more!

Moving onto Wealthy Affiliate, lets take a look at the basic facts, pros and cons!

Wealthy Affiliate | Pros & Cons

Wealthy Affiliate is leading the industry in affiliate marketing right now because of their very user-friendly program, support team, and site content. They have a step-by-step program that guides you through every single detail about building your own website and choosing your niche.

Every single course in Wealthy Affiliate is guided through with a set of videos and cut into its respective sections (just like Awol). However, the difference is that there are no major purchases required while you are training.

This program focuses on affiliate marketing through the creation of a website/blog. What is promoted on the site is completely up to you, but you must be willing to add new content weekly to keep your website live and healthy.

So lets jump into the pros and cons


-Work from home, anytime, anywhere

-No prior technical or book experience required

-Easy system to follow, step-by-step videos

-Relatively Inexpensive ($50 monthly)

HUGE support community

-Moderate wealth building

-Events (Wealthy Affiliate also hosts events for those who have high affiliate sales!)


-Just like Awol, Requires a lot of time and dedication, those who don’t find the will won’t make it far

-Requires a ton of typing (you will be writing so many blogs, you could create a book from them)

-Not as motivating or personable as Awol

So now that we’ve covered some basic facts, lets take a look at how they compare, and help you decide which program is best for you!

The Comparison | Awol vs Wealthy Affiliate

How do these two programs compare? Both are affiliate marketing solutions but the approach is completely different. I will start by comparing them by how they are similar, how they are they the same?
We can start by breaking down what is similar – and point out the key differences


Internet Based – An obvious one to point out, they both require a computer or smart device to work from home.

No Special Requirements – There are no prerequisites required to join either of these programs

Video Guided – Most of the information you will learn from both sides will be through video

Community – Both have their own community for folks in the same path as you (help one another)

Reputation – Very reputable programs, backed with many success stories

Resources – Both provide all the tools you need to succeed, no outside sources needed

Earn While You Learn – You will be able to set up a working web page or sales funnel to make money while you learn

Grey Area

Affiliate Marketing – I say this is a grey area because in a way they are similar in terms of marketing products, however, as mentioned earlier, Awol focuses on driving traffic through ads to a sales funnel, and Wealthy Affiliate through a website or blog. You are free to promote whatever you would like to in each program, but the style of promotion is very different.


In this category I will be breaking down what is different from one another, and I will give you my own personal perspective on who takes “the win” for the category by adding either “+Awol” or “+W.A.” to the beginning of the topic.

Training +Awol

Awol provides high-end training you won’t find anywhere else, you are shown exactly how to build a functional sales funnel, how to email your leads, and build long term relationships with your clients.

Wealthy Affiliate guides you step-by-step on building your own website and to add content to rank your site in Google. You learn the importance of using keywords, affiliate links, and much more to make a beautiful site.

Support +W.A.

Awol has a decent support system, unless you are in the ELITE, most of your niche and funnel related questions will be answered by those who are in the Affiliate Group. It is almost like the blind leading the blind.

Wealthy Affiliate has an outstanding support system, the community is not separated by any means, the tech support system is very responsive, and I’ve even had support by the Kyle (the owner) himself!

Content +Awol

-Awol delivers very detailed content that, as mentioned earlier, can’t really be replicated (or at least I haven’t seen anything like it). There are module trainings, webinars, calls, and expert help! You can upload your own sales funnel to get feedback from the pro’s who already made it big.

-Wealthy Affiliate has amazing content for building your own site, with a step-by-step guidance system. The videos are very easy to follow along and plus, they provide all the hosting for your sites, so there is no need for an additional service.

Guarantee +Awol

Awol offers a $10,000 guarantee if you follow the 90-day step by step program. If you do not make the $10,000 in the 3 months (which no one hasn’t been able to do if they follow it properly), they will refund you the ELITE package of $10,000 and let you keep all the software included in the program.

Wealthy Affiliate does not offer any sort of “guarantee”, everything is based solely up to you to commit to the program and follow the daily goals in order to achieve a profitable online business. That doesn’t mean you won’t make money here, because there are thousands supplementing their income over 100K a month with W.A

Difficulty +W.A

Awol is considered to be rather on the difficult side, and I am not saying that to deter anyone, but instead give a heads up that it will not be easy what so ever. You must be able to break barriers and problem solve for yourself, to master online marketing and become very successful.

Wealthy Affiliate being a step-by-step program is very easy to follow. There is a complete A-Z guide on becoming successful, you just have to put in the work. A big plus, as mentioned before, is the amount of support they give their clients. The only process I would consider to be “difficult” is the amount of typing you must do.

Affiliate Program +Awol

Awol has a very lucrative affiliate program, ranging from an instant payout of $200-$3000 plus residuals! If you want to become wealthy as soon as possible, I would say based on the information, this is the best route.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great affiliate program for their service as well, payouts are around $35 per sale plus residuals as well! I believe with these small sales building up over time, this alone would be an amazing full time income.

Start Up Cost +W.A

Awol is on the steeper side on the start up costs. To join the ELITE, the full program is 10K. However, if you are like me, you can purchase each module one step at a time as you learn. (This can make affording much easier)

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is very inexpensive for the start up cost. A starting $20 for the first month, following $50 monthly afterwards is much easier to do.

Let’s Recap

By counting which program gets a “+”, it would be clear to see that Awol is a stronger program HOWEVER, it is completely debatable. I simply was sharing my honest opinion of each one but everyone is in a different situation and would like different solutions.
To be completely fair, I will go over some “goal” related traits to help you decide which is best for you.


You have the mindset to become very wealthy, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. You are willing to take on challenges and do not get fazed by what others think. You are willing to attend the calls and webinars, and follow all the steps in order to succeed. Overall, you do not care what the price of success is, you are willing to pay it (sacrifice time and money early on, to live a life where time and money are not a problem anymore).

Wealthy Affiliate

You have the mindset to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your financial goals. You would love to supplement your income online, to liberate yourself from a job. You want to be your own boss, work at your own pace, and create your own content. Overall, you would love to start online easy and would love step-by-step guidance on how to do so, no matter how long or how much it takes.

Whatever you decide to choose (if you do), make sure to invest your whole heart into it. Because at this day in age, everything is becoming more expensive; housing, food, taxes, medical, etc. By starting a business online, you can guarantee your financial future and liberate yourself from the 9-5 rat race.

Ready to begin your online affiliate marketing business? Here are the links to each program (just click on the name!):

Awol Academy

Wealthy Affiliate

Before I go I would like to thank all my readers, I appreciate all of you. I am about 3 months in on this Affiliate Marketing Journey and so far it’s all been going according to plan.

Until next time friends

Brandon Bautista


12 Responses on “Awol Academy vs Wealthy Affiliate | Which Is Right For You?

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for this informative comparison post.
    I’m a member of wealthy affiliate, I never heard Awol Academy before, but it seems to be a really nice program.
    At least, in my opinion, I think WA is pretty good, I never plan to leave or join other programs, but after reading your post, I will go to check out Awol Academy. It sounds interesting, especially the $10,000 guarantee.

  2. I dont like AWOL i was actually about to spend the 99 dollars to join until i did some reasearch on them then i ended up find WA. I learned about the fake webinars they do and all about the up sells so im glad i decided to go with wealthy affiliate because im still going at it and trying to learn as much as i can!

    1. Hey Justin, thank you for the reply! I would have to say that AWOL does have a different approach and their layout isn’t for those looking to spend a lot of money. However I would say that it does offer extremely valuable information on setting up a proper funnel for business!ย 

  3. Hello ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am currently investing on online business and all in need right now is the truth about how i go about it, you have really done a good job by let us know the advantages and disadvantages of this two on line businesses of witch i really appreciate.

    Thank you for the knowledge ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Thanks for his very detailed comparison between the two programs.

    I am a member of wealthy affiliate and absolutely love it. Like you said it fairly cheap, it has step by step training telling you what to do, and the community and support is awseome.

    Awol seems like a much more advanced marketing system and one with a very steep price tag. I would assume this is for people they have the money or internet business already set up โ€” and want to take it to the next level.

    I think Iโ€™ll stick with wealtjy affiliate for now since I donโ€™t have 10k laying around right now lol. However Iโ€™ll look more into awol and perhaps but it a little at a time like you.

  5. You are absolutely right , everything it’s becoming so expensive its not even funny, i cant see how been a full-time employee can last with the future years, and that’s where we make a critical decision in life to step on and fight for survival for what really we want out of this life, I don’t want to be biased because I am from the Wealthy Affiliate community but AWOL sounds great way to make money too, its time to be smart with our life and step out of our comfort zone.

  6. Hi Brandon – great review, really appreciate all the time you took comparing the two programs!

    I had heard about Awol but did not know it was that expensive, no wonder they insert lots of motivational tactics within their training modules.

    Do you know if they keep their word on the $10K 90 day guarantee?

    Wealth Affiliate has been around for over ten years and has a good reputation for fair and honest pricing and information.

    Now I know about both, which gives me some great insight on what to do… thanks again!


  7. I never heard of Awol Academy before this review.
    I think support makes a really big difference.

    Knowing that experts will only help you when you’re in the Elite at Awol Academy makes me think I made the right choice going with Wealthy Affiliate that support even their free users.

  8. Awol seems to still be an upseller and quite expensive when it offers very similar to what WA offers (but WA is such little investment). I definitely will be sticking with Wealthy Affiliate as you state both need lots of work and I am prepared to put in the time needed! Good informative article.

  9. Interesting comparison. AWOL is completely new to me but sounds like something that would work best AFTER you have any established website and are looking to expand your business.
    Although its very expensive, the price doesn’t bother me as long as I am getting value for my money. My only problem is that I only have a couple of hours a day to work on my business and I know that I need to continue building out my website. I just don’t have the time to to spend that kind if money right now. I feel like I would be spreading myself to thin for the cost of the AWOL program. Maybe down the road though, it really does sound interesting.

  10. Hi Brandon! I like your comparison of Awol and Wealthy Affiliate and I took a lot of interest reading from beginning to end. I just wonder which program you actually joined as you did not mention it. I presumed you are with WA because I am reading your post and writing a comment. But did you join Awol as well? I joined Awol for a while, just the initial orientation and I had the chance to go over the basic training modules. But Awol requires a lot of money just to start training. I am a beginner in affiliate marketing and I am not sold out with the idea of spending a large chunk of money before I even start earning. It seems that the fees for the lessons just keep going up and there is too much upselling. The approach is also too aggressive for me. Something like “I don’t care how you get the money, just get it, if you have to sell your car or lease your home.” The idea of going into debt or becoming impoverished just to start my affiliate marketing business does not sit well with me. So I did not pursue Awol and joined WA instead. It is still a learning process for me.

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