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So this past weekend I attended Awol’s Awaken event from the 2nd – 5the of Nov 2017. If I had to choose one word to describe the event, it would be ‘Transformational’. At this event speaker Todd Campbell and Keala Kanae took us on an amazing journey into ourselves, to dig deep into our beliefs and state-of-mind.

There is a ton of information to be shared from this event, so much information I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it into this post. However, below I will upload my vlog from the event so understanding what I am saying will be much easier.

P.S If you don’t know what Awol is, find out here!

What is Awaken?

Event: Awaken is a personal development seminar for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting more out of their lives.

Length: The event is 3 days in length, 4 days if you include the check in/register date.

Location: This varies because from what I know it changes every time, but the one I attended was in Las Vegas, NV.

Speakers: Todd Campbell & Keala Kanae

Group Size: Roughly 150-200 people and growing every class

Series: 1st of 3 events hosted by Awol for personal development. -> Awaken – Activate – Accelerate

Awaken is a group therapy session, where you deep dive into what makes you, YOU. It narrows in to what has influenced your life since growing from a young child.

Triggering every single emotion, using your imagination, and unlocking your inner potential, Todd Campbell does a marvelous job of guiding you through your own mind… it truly fascinating and unreal.

Highlights Of The Event

Awaken is unlike anything I have ever experienced. There are many speakers out there that charge a fortune to see them live. They pump you up, motivate you, and push you to dream bigger and harder, but when you leave the seminar all that motivation wears off and you dive right back to square one.

On the contrary, Awaken was transformational, I feel empowered and feel I found myself.

With that being said, let me talk about what my highlights were from the event and how you may benefit from attending the next one if possible.


Not motivation, inspiration. I felt completely inspired to chase after my goals, and felt this overwhelming desire to work even harder on this blog to help others achieve financial freedom.

Todd did an excellent job of bringing forth the value of dreams and ambitions, he talked about the importance of not giving up on any goals.

The price you pay to sit back from the sidelines and not chase after your goals is far less expensive that living with regret when you’re older, wishing you had chased those goals when you had more opportunity.


when you think of Win-Win what comes to mind first? Is it a score? Is a ‘win’ on both sides? Well let’s put it this way, there are many areas of life where Win-Losing is the most common way of thinking. Let’s get more specific!

When have you experienced moments of life where there has to be a Win-Lose situation? In arguments? In sports? There are tons of different areas where you could implement this mentality, but what if you could WIN-WIN!

Todd made an excellent point, “Instead of focusing on winning and making the other a loser, why not make it so you both win!” When you have negative arguments or debates with your relationships such as coworkers, spouse or family, colleagues, etc, about anything, why does there always have to be a loser?

In your personal and professional world, when you train your mind to have a WIN-WIN attitude, all areas of your life improve. No one has to lose just because you want to win, that is how successful people think.

Conquer Fear

Fear. Is it a natural emotion caused or aroused by pain, threat, danger, and physiologic distress. But where does fear come in play when you are building a business or in your life in general? ]

The feeling of fear can very small or large, but it is what hold us back from doing or attempting certain risks we must take in life to achieve our goals.

Todd went into detail about fear by starting out with limiting beliefs. These beliefs about ourselves hold us back from taking the proper risks in life.

What have you been holding back because of fear? The fear of failure or not succeeding? The fear of taking on too much risk, and that if you fail you won’t be able to recover? The fear of judgment and criticism?

All of this is because the mental fear behind your limiting beliefs. When you master your mind, set aside the limiting beliefs, you become a powerful being that can conquer anything you want to achieve in life.


Todd spoke about prejudice saying, “prejudice judges 90% of how you live your life”.

What does this mean exactly? Well simply put it, as children we grew up learning from the people we spent the most of our time with. This could be any family members, friends, guardians, etc, and what we learned from them early on is we pre-judge everything in our life.

Seriously… my mind was blown away.

Awaken was transformation for me because your thinking process becomes re-written into the mind of an entrepreneur. Leaving behind all the pre-judgment I had about everything, creating the optimistic and positive mindset.

Everyone can relate to this, because wherever we go, whatever we do, we always have that conscious pre-judgment of anything, anyone, or anywhere. To be real with you, that pre-judgment can be a good thing, or a very bad thing, sometimes even closing doors of opportunities for most.

The list can go on in this area, because I learned so many new things that I never thought of before. But allow me to move on.

Knowing vs. Knowing About It

I am sure you have met a person in your life just that just seems to know everything about anything, it’s pretty hard to not meet at least one person like that in your life. But there is a significant difference in knowing vs. knowing about it.

By Todd’s definition, “Knowing About It” means you have knowledge on the subject, you have a prejudged perspective behind it, and you have the ability to converse about the matter from a factual perspective only.

On the contrary, “Knowing” something means you have all the above, however you have “experienced” the said subject at hand. You can safely speak about your experience from a 5-senses stand point, and you recall specific highlight moments of what it was you experienced.

Now this doesn’t apply to everything of course, but in the world of business and being successful online, this does apply.

The next time someone else or maybe even your own prejudice contradict your ideas, goals, or ambitions, you must think to yourself. “Is this person in the position where they have experienced said idea, or do they just “know” based off others and reviews”.

This ideology stops many people from stepping out of their comfort zone, and reach out towards newer goals. So unless that person is already in a position where YOU wish to be, do not listen to all the surrounding negativity.

Secret Formula For Success

Probably what I took away most from this event was the secret formula for success. I always knew this in the back of my mind, but I never tapped into that mindset to expand what it was I was looking for. So let’s jump into what this secret formula is without stalling.

The 3-Steps Required

There are 3 parts required for the formula, and to keep it very simple, they are parts everyone should be familiar with. So I will be going over the parts individually and breaking each down to specify.


Intention is the first part of the formula. Without intention, the strong will, desire, drive, and/or motive to do whatever it may be, you will not progress anywhere. You need to be able to strive for your dreams and desires to achieve it, there are no limiting thoughts or beliefs here.


Mechanism is the second part of the formula. With a mechanism, we can define this as the “how-to’s”, and understand the mechanics of how a system or step-by-step should be. I think of this as the gears to an analog clock because of how each component is used to make the clock turn the dials, with each gear representing the steps and required movements to make the clock function.


Result is the last piece of the puzzle. The result is the end goal, or maybe a milestone, accomplishment of the set goals you had in mind. The result is the payoff for your work and determination.

Formula: Intention + Mechanism = Result

Before we continue, I want to ask you what Todd asked the group at the seminar. He asked, “If you could categorize the importance by percentage, what would you say equals 100% result?” In other words, how much Intention % + how much Mechanism % would equal 100% Results?

Intention___% + Mechanism___% = 100% Result

Take a moment to think about this.

The entire class has a variety of answers, ranging from 50% + 50%, 70%+30%, 90%+10%, etc. What would you suggest it would be?

The Answer:

100% Intention = 100% Results

That is correct, 100% Intention + 0% mechanism = 100% results. But why?

There are infinite possibilities and methods of achieving a goal, the mechanism itself does not matter, what matters in the full intention and desire to achieve 100% results. With anything less than 100% intention, you cannot possibly believe you can achieve 100% results. It is all mindset over anything.

Money Follows Mastery

To end this post, I want to touch base one of the most important facts about making money online. Keala talks about mastery consistently and when he does, he specifies that no matter what you do, you must always master one thing that makes you money before attempting to learn other things or multiple things at once.

Money follows mastery because the master of anything is always rewarded the most. In the topic of making money online, it is clear to me now that you should focus your attention on of style or method to making money and master it!

Keala is a very wise man, and he speaks about people always wanting to try different methods to achieve the same goal. There is always people who attempt to make money online with social media, blogs/vlogs, email, google ads, etc, but never actually attain true access in either area. But why?

When you set your mind on something, you must do everything you can possible to achieve mastery in said field. It does not matter what route you take, but you must push yourself to learn something new every day in that field in order to achieve the results desired.

This comes back to the formula to success. When you place 100% intention in something, your chances of attaining 100% results is much higher than if you divide your intention with several different mechanics, its as simple as that.


Awol’s Awaken even was outstanding and I encourage everyone to attend this seminar, even if you are not interested in Awol Academy.

At this even you will literally awaken your inner self, inner child, find peace within yourself and it will transform you and your way of life.

I personally have never felt so inspired until after this event. To make this brief, after this event I made the transition from single-minded money driven, to what I believe as a positive, open-minded, enthusiastic, success driven mindset.

Immediately once I returned home from Las Vegas, I set daily goals for myself, fit workouts into my days, have been eating a lot healthier, have developed a more personable attitude, and are grateful every day for what I have accomplished and will accomplish.

I truly believe everyone should attend Awaken, this post does not do this event any justice because of all the information that was provided. People cried at this event, that is how powerful it was.

If you believe in yourself and want to make a difference for yourself and your business, you must attend Awaken.

If you believe in the power of the internet as a tool for making money online, Awol Academy WILL provide that mechanism for you to achieve the success and the different way of life you dream of. I am not kidding.

For those that are truly committed to success, and would like to join myself and Keala in Awol, I will leave a link below. DO NOT let this kind of opportunity pass you by.


“If you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow will never come”

Until next time my friends,

Brandon Bautista



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