Books are fuel for the brain, and they have all the content you need to train your mind to be a successful entreprenuer. They are fundemental for anyone wanting more out of life, so without further explination lets dive into the books I personally have found to be key books for what we are looking for. (Each within the category I posted about in my personal development page)

“They say every successful entrepreneur reads about 60 books a year, they strive to continue learning something new every day”.

If you would like to check out the books I am showing, simply click on the image of the book! They are affiliate links 🙂

Books Categories

Mindset – Books on developing the mind, to restructure your thinking so you can think and feel like an entreprenuer.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – This book was the very first one I read when I first got started online. It programmed my mind to think clearly and effectively like an entrepreneur. I highly recmmend this book for anyone of any level of experience. The foundation of mindset it laid out here, a must read. I believe the digital copy is less expensive as well!

How to Win Friends & Influence People – If you want it, you can achieve it! Master the art of taking control of situation, relationship, business, literally anything! Also very recommended and list worthy.

The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal – This book is a fundamental for a balance of your own energy, and organizing your life to your needs. Absolute read for those who have busy schedules!


Gratitude – Books developing your gratitude, so you may appreciate everything happening around you and life.

The Magic – One of the greatest books on gratitude to ever exist! This is a must read for anyone and everyone! seriously. Gratitude is overlooked so much in the business world, but you will notice that every. successful. entrepreneur. has implemented gratitude into their lifestyle and have gone very far.

The Secret – Part of the series with “The Magic”, a great read following up with The Magic.

Finances – Every successful entrepreneur has mastered their finances, take charge of your assets and wealth!

A Happy Pocket Full of Money – This book is phenomenal! the information that lies between this book will help you manage your wealth and expenses. If you joined me in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you read this book as it will break down so much of your spending habits you probably didn’t even know about!

80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More – This is the strategy guide to your wealth! this book breaks down the details on how you should be managing your business and income.


These are the books that I can personally vouch for myself, and this list will continue to grow and become more populated as I continue reading! So stay tuned for more posts!

Even if you do not enjoy reading, I highly recommend you try to! Trust me when I say these books will literally help you and your business. They are essential because it is gold information passed down by those who are in the positions in which you want to be in.

If you have any book recommendations, please please please! add your comment down below, and I will integrate it into this post! thank you!

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