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In my last post I introduced how I first got started online, and where I was in the Affiliate Journey. In this post I will be going into detail about how to get started in the programs that I am with, how you can leverage your time to start fueling your dreams, and how really get focused on this.

Unlike a school or work environment, no one is telling you what to do. This type of business is ENTIRELY up to YOU. You and only you can be accountable for your own progress and commitment level.

Progress Update

So recently along my affiliate journey, I have decided to follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training while I supplement my income to purchase the next levels of AWOL. While following WA, I have updated and uploaded more posts on this blog, and I will be uploading the first video to YouTube very soon.

I realize more people would rather watch a video than read my posts, so I will aim my attention at both areas to make sure I can broadcast to as many people are possible.

I also have created reviews for both AWOL and Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll link them so you can check them out!

===========AWOL Review Here!=============

===========Wealthy Affiliate Review Here!======

Very soon I will be doing a side by side comparison of the two, so you can best decide which is right for you!

What Is Coming Up

I’m sitting in about 2 months in the affiliate journey, still deciding what direction I want to take. I do have some good ideas however, some in the health & fitness niches and some in the pet’s area’s. Wherever I end up, I will surely update on what I chose!

I haven’t made any money online yet, but this only the beginning! Most businesses aren’t successful/profitable for up to 5 years! So with no doubts in my mind, my online business will surely take off.

If you are still debating whether to try out making money online, whether its affiliate marketing or not, the future is in the internet. Most grocery stores (in the U.S) have automated self check out stations now, if you think about this closely, the more technology advances, machines will replace humans in basic jobs. Robots can even do surgery now as well, these machines can stitch together with perfect accuracy.

The internet is the future of money making, more and more people are joining different programs to teach them how to do so. It would be wise to jump on board now, before its too late!

Getting Started Online

After you decide that you want to make money online and you’ve committed to yourself that you will find a way to make it work, you have taken the first step to making your first dollar online.

Research is key friends, depending on if you want to work for a company from home, or want to work for yourself, you must always research the company or service you will be jumping into. There are hundredths of companies out there that promise big, with no little to no return.


I’m going to break here because I’ll be specifying on online marketing now, so pay close attention!

After you’ve chosen to work online, and you’ve followed a program you’d like to follow (ex: AWOL, Wealthy Affiliate, Shopify/E-Commerce, etc)

You then must choose your Niche! – choosing your niche is easy, don’t overthink it! I can be anything you’d like it to be, such as: Make Money Online, Health&Fitness;, Beauty, Pets, Technology, etc! Anything you can think of, that’s a niche!

When you choose your niche, my suggestion would be to choose one that’s not over saturated. Some examples of over saturated niches are: Health & Fitness, Beauty, etc (literally thousands of websites)

However, these niches are over saturated because they are too broad! So if you love working out, try something with the ‘keywords’ of: Protein, Build Muscle, Proper way to curl, how to run efficiently, etc!

Once you have the narrowed in niche, you can then choose the style of which you want to promote. Here are some examples:

Social Media Ads (Facebook / YouTube / Instagram )

Almost everyone nowadays has a Facebook, watch YouTube, or use Instagram, so why not use it to market to your audience! Make a designated page in either of those platforms, and add content to create ads!

Blogs/Vlogs (WordPress & YouTube)

Creating a niche site is really easy, can get easily ranked in Google, and can attract people to buy fairly easily! You can add links to products and services from Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress, or even high ticket times such as Click Bank or Offer Vault

Direct Internet Marketing (landing pages/sales funnels)

When you’re browsing the web, do you ever see those ads that say “Lose ten pounds in a week with this simple trick!”, well those are direct ads posted all over the web. They pay out HUGE if you build a successful funnel. AWOL Academy teaches how to create those, in case you’re wondering.

This is just a rough introduction, if you want full details on anything mentioned above, I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to properly set up blogs/vlogs, and AWOL to set up Facebook ads and direct internet marketing.

Content Is Key

No matter what route you choose to take, always make sure your niche of choice is something you enjoy, something you can talk about for hours about! this will make creating content for your audience so much easier!

By adding rich, helpful, and insightful content to your website/ads, people will be much more attracted to it and more likely to give that ad a share or a like and even tell their friends and family about it!

Some examples:

If you…..

Love pet’s (cats/dogs/etc), you can create a niche site about properly caring for a pet, and affiliate market all kinds of pet related goods.

Enjoy kids, toddlers, and babies, you can target a select group, lets say babies, and create a site dedicated to babies and affiliate market all kinds of baby related items.

Know where to get good drivers ed for teens, you can find offers online for drivers ed schools that pay commissions for every referral you bring to the school!

The possibilities are endless, literally, and it does not take rocket science to figure out what you’re passionate about!

YOU are the marketer, this is what online marketing is all about, and since you are not the manufacture of the product or service, you are the middle man. You never have to see the customer or the product or service! You are the marketing specialist and the traffic guide leading people to the items and services they require!

Final Thoughts

No matter what you chose to promote, always keep in mind that you are not alone, there is tons of support out there for anything you need. The internet marketing field is NOT over saturated, in fact, it never will be, because new ideas, new products/services, new wants, new everything are coming out DAILY. If you manage your time and goals right, you can build hundreds of sites and have them make you residual income!

PRO TIP: Hosting for multiple sites can be rather expensive, I paid HostGater $200 to get 2 sites hosted, while Wealthy Affiliate hosts up to 50 sites of yours for only $50! (You will need hosting for your websites to be properly ranked in Google)

The return on investment is huge! When you get the ball rolling, you won’t even look back! imagine spending $50 a month for your hosting, but wake up every day to deposits coming in from your sites ranging from $100-$10000 or more!

In the end, is it all up to you, so what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking friends!

Also, please feel free to comment your thoughts down below, I enjoy listening to my readers 🙂

============> Wealthy Affiliate FTW!!! <===============

Best Regards,

Brandon Bautista



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