So you heard about AWOL through the grape vine and are wondering,”man, is this legit?”, allow to me to walk you through AWOL and what is all about! Before we get started, I want to mention that I am currently a student myself at AWOL and Wealthy Affiliate, so you will be receive an unbiased opinion here.

Before I jump into the review, I would like to ask you to clear all your skepticism and view my outlook on AWOL for just a moment, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

But let me note: AWOL is NOT for everyone, this is for the truly committed in growing an online business with the potential of making $10,000+ a month. In the Elite Program, you get a 90 day $10,000 GUARENTEE! (but I’ll talk about that more in the review)

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So, What Is AWOL?

I stumbled on AWOL through a YouTube during a closing shift at my cellular sales job. The advertisement was very intuitive and really caught my attention, if you can relate to this, you probably know the name of one of the main co-founders at AWOL, Keala Kanae.

AWOL is a community based internet marketing entrepreneur program, with a very high reputation for excellent courses on creating your very own sales funnels, improving copy (writing to prospects), converting your leads, and managing your ads throughout social media and email marketing.

Keala Kanae & Kameron George are co-founders of AWOL, formerly called “Project AWOL”, and lead the competition in internet marketing, delivering what I believe to be the best content around. Keala excels in delivering true education, motivation, inspiration, and confidence through all forms of communication (calls, webinars, email, etc), and to honest, I have yet to see another program or service deliver that effectively.

AWOL delivers most of their content “in-site” through video training, webinars, and calls. The main module training are split up in categories, with each category going into extreme detail in their respected field. Below I have a description of each module and how it benefits your business building!
The AWOL Back Office is where it all begins, here we can see all the courses and extras.

Module 1: AWOL 101 – In 101 you go through a sequence of questions that narrow down your goals and dreams. It is very detailed and really picks your brain. After the questions, you are asked to schedule an interview with a coach, who will call you and lasts about 1 hour. Here the coach will explain if you qualify for the program so be prepared!

Module 2: AWOL Pro Academy – In Pro Academy you learn the basics of building a “sales funnel”, here you will purchase your domain, hosting, autoresponders, link tracking, and landing page builder. The fundamental basics are given here!

Module 3: AWOL Inbox Academy – In Inbox Academy you will learn how to properly use autoresponders and how to create group emails to send to prospects! A very useful tool since you learn all the key components to creating and emailing your “list”.

Module 4: AWOL Conversion Academy – (VERY IMPORTANT!) Here you will learn how to create converting emails and copy! You will learn the “secrets” to writing outstanding emails that turn prospects into paying customers! To be real here, you will learn how to write better here than any English persuasion course you could ever take, trust me!


Module 5: AWOL Traffic Academy – In Traffic Academy you will learn how to property advertise and monetize your traffic. How to build ads in social media (Facebook, etc) and how to get them ranked so your ads do not get shut down. If you wish to join the AWOL Affiliate program, you must complete up to this level!

Module 6: Masters Academy – This is the meat and potatoes of a true entrepreneur! You will literally master how to manage your income, build assets and create long term wealth. Out of all courses, this is one you cannot skip if you plan to be very wealthy in the long run.


Module 7: Elite – The Elite is not actually a module, but a community for those who own all the packages in AWOL. This is the only way to get $10,000 guarantee, and you gain access to working with Keala himself! You get placed with a very special group of people who collaborate ideas, pitch in constructive support for your sales funnels, and are the first priority for AWOL in terms of assistance.

Moving onto the other sections of AWOL:

5 Pillars – The 5 pillars of success are just that, 5 fundamental must-do’s to become truly successful as an internet entrepreneur. Following the 5 pillars daily will definitely lead to success in your business, and build good habits.

Make Moves Monday – Make Moves Monday is a weekly call usually hosted by Keala and other guest to keep you motivated, inspired, and determined for success based on others’ performance. (I listen to these over and over since they are recorded and posted in the site).

AWOL Elite Webinar – As you may already know about the Elite, this is only for those in the group and basically you get reserved time to follow Keala in new ideas, guidance for business building, and help from the man himself.


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Scam, or Not A Scam?

alright, hopefully I didn’t bore you enough to skip all that information, so let’s jump into why you’re here. Is AWOL a scam? Is it Legit? Why should I trust it. Well let me be the first to tell you that its not…. just kidding. To be 100% real with you, AWOL is NOT a scam, and let me tell you why.

As I’ve mentioned before in my other review, a scam is an exchange of value (money, tangible items, services) for literally nothing or equal to nothing in value. Basically you’re getting ripped off.

So now that I got that out of the way, AWOL offers (in my opinion) the fundamentals of running any online business. Even if you do not choose to be an internet marketer full time, you will benefit so much from the Academy, that you can literally take all that information and use it in your own business and I mean any business. Whether you have a MLM business, brick and mortar, real-estate, insurance, etc, you can use all the training found in AWOL Academy to give you a HUGE leverage over the competition.

If knowledge is power, applying that knowledge is success. Its as simple as that, and if you understand that, you will know that the comprehensive training in AWOL is like Harvard in school studies. Compared to other programs such as Wealthy Affiliate (which is absolutely awesome as well), AWOL defines internet marketing in a way you’ve never looked at it before. I’ll be doing a side-by-side comparison of the two in a later post (Wealthy Affiliate vs AWOL).

So to make it clear as day, AWOL is NOT a scam, it is the most enhanced and concentrated learning platform for internet marketing of all time (in my opinion of course).

That Sounds Good And All, But What’s The Cost?

As I mentioned in the beginning, AWOL is not for those who are “thinking” about it. It is for those who are truly dedicated to the entrepreneur lifestyle, “to work like most won’t, to live a life that most can’t”.
The price to be a member of AWOL is no joke, but let me break it down for you, and if you don’t have much money (because I don’t have much either), there is still hope and very doable.

You get what you pay for, substantial internet marketing education.


AWOL 101 – $100

AWOL Pro Academy – Included with AWOL 101 ($100 for both)

AWOL Inbox Academy – $297

AWOL Conversion Academy – $997

AWOL Traffic Academy – $997

AWOL Masters Academy – $2997

AWOL ELITE – $4997*

All modules + Elite – $9997 ($2000 discount) ======> Purchase ELITE Here!

So, I know the numbers look terrifying, trust me…. when I first looked at this I was like “holy $@%&”
However, there are options here, if you do like me, I went a head and purchased each one individually as I progressed on and made progress throughout the program. Took very in depth notes and studies very hard, in fact I still look back in some of the courses to make sure I understood everything.

IMPORTANT: I personally believe the education you learn here is worth far more than $10,000, let me explain why.

If you went to college or are currently in, you understand that (unless you have financial aid) school can cost anywhere from a minimum of $25,000 and up to over $100,000.

So with that being said, Let’s say you go to school and spend the $25,000 via cash, loans, grants, etc. You graduate and you now look for a job in the field you studied in. With a 25K degree you probably won’t be a doctor, and most likely land a management position making anywhere from 45-80K.

That sounds promising at first, but is that income be enough to let you truly enjoy the lifestyle you desire? What if you have children? On top of that, you are committing 40 or more hours of your time at this work place, taking away time from your children and family.

The other side of the coin…

What if I told you, by committing to the AWOL program, you could make $10,000 Guaranteed in your first 3 months (90 days)?

What if you made $10,000 a month consistently, working from home, 2-3 hours a day. That’s $120K a year…

Well why isn’t everyone doing it?…. good question, that’s my question too! I believe that people are too money clingy, they love to hold onto things so much and they fear loss.

But the truth is, in AWOL Elite you WONT LOSE. In fact, you will be supplementing those 10K ten-fold!!!

Take Action

There is no better time to start than now, because if you wait till tomorrow, tomorrow will never come.
Ask yourself, what is stopping you from accomplishing your goals in life? If money isn’t your end-all be-all, wouldn’t having more time to spend on yourself and loved ones be worth it? I didn’t even look back when I first joined, because I knew that if I didn’t at least try, I would go back to working for the same job, with the same boss, same hours taken out of my day, and same dread to wake up in the morning.

The online marketing space IS NOT saturated, why? Because everyday new products and services are coming are uploaded to the web every day, and there are millions of untouched and un-mined niches that you can profit HUGE on.

Final Words

I hope I was able to inspire you, not just to join AWOL but to think about a different direction in life. As humans, we were built to work, but why not work smarter not harder?

Everyone wants to be successful, until they see what it takes…

It does not take a computer science degree to make this work, there are people in the AWOL community that never even used a computer that are making 20-30K A MONTH!

If you feel you are ready to take another chance at life, here is the link! Don’t miss anymore opportunities.

I’ll leave the rest up to you, because at the end of the day no one can tell you what to do and how to live your life. But I do hope to shake some of your hands at the next AWOL event. Till then my friends’, I hope to see you, on the inside.

Best Regards,

Brandon Bautista


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