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What does it take to be a successful online business owner? This question can be taken into so many different directions but I want to be clear on, is it does not take a ton a money, a ton of online/computer skill, or any marketing experience really. To be completely clear here the only actual requirement is a computer with Internet access, and your own determination to succeed.

Aside from a computer and internet, how are online marketers able to build and create such success? There are a ton of “secrets” out there that many “gurus” upload and try to sell to you. But the truth is, there really is no secret sauce, it is all revolves around personal development.

But before I jump into the topic, let give you an update of where I am on this Online Marketing Journey.

Progress Update

It has been a couple months in now and I can definitely say, I’ve have good progress but I’ve also started slowing down. There has been a lot on my plate right now and balancing work, last quarter of school, relationship, and an online business is very cumbersome. I won’t say it has stopped me from working on my site and content, but the deliverability has definitely slowed down.

Good News!

With that being said, I am prioritizing my time so I can spend at least an hour working online. Some exciting news however! I have successfully made my few sales! This sale was from Awol Academy, so I can assure you, online marketing is not a scheme!

Check out this email sent to me by Awol on my commissions!

-These images are REAL and directly from the email alert, and the Awol academy dashboard!

But so far I have added some review posts, changed the appearance of the site a bit (work in progress), started looking for affiliate offers (clickbank, offer vault, amazon, etc), and of course, listening to audio and books for personal development.

I will be showing you what offers I attained, how I got them and how I am “selling” those offers, and more! So stay tuned, I am doing a full A-Z breakdown on this affiliate marketing journey!


Personal Development

I am creating a category on its own about personal development, because the more I read and understand what how to truly become successful online, the more personal development is brought up.

“Almost every successful entrepreneur reads about 60 books a year”, why? Because they know the importance of training the mind and setting the foundation of success within themselves first, before they can project that into their reality.

You can literally think yourself to success, it is very possible. But how exact does one do that?, I’ll be sharing with you a direct link to my post and it will also be a new tab on the front page.

I personally believe that personal development is 100% required if you plan on truly becoming successful anywhere. If you plan to liberate yourself from the 9-5 work life, you NEED to make in a change in mindset and start making the transition from the 9-5 laborer to entrepreneur.

Personal Thoughts

When I first began online, the idea of reading books, listening to audio, watching webinars and attending calls was all very new to me. I didn’t really find the “value” in doing these things, especially since I wasn’t much of a reader.

I thought to myself, “do I really need to do all this?, why can’t I just learn how to do it and then replicate it?”
The simple truth is, you definitely can, but you won’t last nor make it far. The truth is, this stuff is essential.

When you transform your mind, and shift into the mindset of success and winning, your outcome also changes. You manifest your reality and this came into effect for me recently.

I mentioned above that I earned my first commissions from sales recently, and honestly it was only after I believed in my self and the affirmations I created for my self. I’ll be going into great detail of this is the separate post I’ll be making.

Don’t Stop, Keep Goin’!

As I conclude this short midway post, I just want to let you know that you should never give up on your dreams. Keep following what you love to do and chase those dreams.
A lot of us push away our dreams and settle into reality… bills need to get paid, food need to be placed on the table, and jobs require our undivided attention. So step away from all that, create something for yourself so you can fire your boss! Chase those dreams of traveling the world, living free, and enjoying YOUR time for YOURSELF.
Thank you of taking the time to read my post, I you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to drop a comment down below! I’ll be more than happy to share everything I know!

Best regards,

Brandon Bautista



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