What Is Personal Development?

There is a way to train the body and how you do that is through
physical exercise. So how do we train the mind? It’s an obvious guess
that books and reading would best train the mind, and yes that is
correct, however it depends on what kind of books we are reading.

Personal development is the foundation for life itself, and when you
undergo the construction of the mind with material that is beneficial to
what you wish to accomplish, you begin to make a change in lifestyle and mindset.

Mind over the body

When you first become a business owner, not all your time will be spent
developing your business, but your personal self as well. The reason for
this is because you must train yourself to be in the right state of
mind to succeed and thrive through all your struggles. Without proper personal development, you will not be able to create the lifestyle you desire as effectively or quickly.

The mind is a very powerful tool, and when you feed it the right knowledge, you can literally accomplish anything.. seriously.

So what is involved with Personal Development? You can develop your
mind with a very wide variety sources, but when you think of becoming
an Online Affiliate Marketer, what should you look for?

I will be creating a list below with a category that can help
greatly with personal development, and what you can look for

I will be posting links to all the material covered in this post in a
category under “Personal Development”, so there will be no need to hunt
around for the related material!


Books have been around for ages, and I state them as the first choice
because there are literally hundreds of books on personal development.
There are a very wide variety of categories to choose from, so I will
be creating a sub category below before we jump into more details

“They say every successful entrepreneur reads about 60 books a year, they strive to continue learning something new every day”.

Book Catergories

  1. Mindset – When it comes to mindset, I list this
    as the very first pick because no successful person has every become
    who they’ve aspired to be, without the necessary state of mind required
    to be at the said “level”. Mindset is the game changer in ANYTHING you
    do. With the proper mindset you will be able to conquer all and elevate
    your mind from the 9-5 work thought process, to entrepreneur.
  2. Gratitude
    – In order to successfully become a master of wealth you must have
    gratitude. When you become thankful and appreciative of everything that
    has and will happen to, the way you see the world will be completely
    different. The moment you realize (if you haven’t already) what happens
    to you is for a reason (good or bad) you will be a true master of
    gratitude and money.
  3. Finances – When you
    get into money, how do you handle it? By understanding how to manage
    your money and put it to work you, instead of working for it, you will
    be able to create long-lasting wealth. The rich stay rich, because they know how to manage their wealth.
  4. Motivation
    – It is very easy to become distracted with the outside world, whether
    it is good or bad, and this is a problem a lot of start up entrepreneurs
    face. If you stay motivated and focused on the grand prize with ‘tunnel
    vision’, you will be amazed at much progress you’ve made because of
    your motivation and determination.
  5. Successful People
    – When you read books from people that are in the position you are in,
    you visualize yourself in their shoes, and it sounds amazing right?
    Well, my mentor always stresses this fact, “Never take advice from
    someone who is NOT in the position you want to be in life” – Keala
    Kanae. So, if you want to become a successful millionaire, who will
    listen to? Definitely not the guy working a 9-5 job who hates their

Those are the main ‘key’ categories of books I personally point out
for everyone who is truly looking to become financially independent and
successful. I try to read at least 30 minutes daily on any down time I
may have, and even if this means reading on my scheduled break time at
work, it is what I must do in order to get the results I desire.

Reading is fuel for the brain. Even if you do not like reading and
absolutely cannot stand it, make the effort to do so AT LEAST 15 minutes
a day. You will be surprised on how much you will learn and how much
your mental state will evolve into a true entrepreneur.

You can also do audio books if that works better for you!


Moving on from books, the next category is Audio. We have two ears
and one mouth for a reason, because we are designed to learn and grow
from what we listen too.

This may be just me, but the music that is put out for the coming generations is filed with non-sense, and it absolutely has an influence on how we think and learn.

Below I will be sharing the importance of audio through a set of rules for listening.

Audio is mainly directed with Podcasts & Interviews

  1. Techniques/Strategies – Taking advice from only
    those who are in the position you wish to be, you must listen to the
    strategies these successful people are talking about. Whether they are
    talking about how you can generate leads or simply talking about their
    background, there is always a strategy to be learned here.
  2. Motivation
    – When successful people speak, they use powerful vocabulary to truly strike
    one’s motivation and desire to be in their positions in life. Use these
    words and speaking styles in your own vocabulary, and push yourself to
    be inspired + motivated to chase your dreams.
  3. Overcoming Struggles
    – Every. Single. Entrepreneur. Has gone through some type of struggle,
    no matter who it is. How they talk about overcoming those struggles and
    striving for greatness is something you MUST pay attention to. I will
    add by saying, NO situation is bad enough, that you cannot go out and
    chase your dreams. Learn from these people’s difficult past, and attach
    your own personal background, so you can relate and look back, for when
    you too, become successful
  4. Empowerment/Visualization
    – This is very important, because a lot of entrepreneurs always talk
    about (In podcasts or interviews) of how they foresee their future.
    Listening to the visualization of an entrepreneur is incredibly
    empowering, because you are filled with the image in mind, and generate
    your own version of that future for yourself.

Though this list may not be very large, all the key points stated
above should be part of your daily audio listening routine. Listening to
audio is much easier than reading books, you can literally do it while
driving, working out, lounging, or anything really. I recommend at least
30 minutes of audio daily, to give your brain enriching sounds you can
develop from.

You will be surprised how much influence and motivation you gain from
listening to audio, and do not worry, I will be making a separate page
on this site where you can grab all your material to learn.


Moving on from audio, we have calls and webinars + video. Though this
may not be as easily accessible for everyone (specifically calls and
webinars), there is great value within each item, because these are even
easier to do than both categories listed above and incredibly beneficial

On the list below, I will be separating Calls/Webinars from Video, and listing them by their importance


  1. Directly From The Source – When I say this, you
    are literally heading the words of an entrepreneur directly to you.
    Now, you may be on a call or webinar with hundreds of other people, but I
    will say from personal experience that you are much more likley to pay
    attention to what is being said, and grasp the concepts being talked
    about much better than a recorded audio.
  2. Personable – Hearing the voice of someone else speaking directly to you, it becomes a much more personable experience. You are able to see the speaker’s emotion through their voice and presentation. Through video, the clarity of the content becomes much more appealing and comprehensive.
  3. Visual Learning (Video/Webinar) – Through video, you are able to see and take notes of the information you are being presented. Visual learning is the new age of learning, the style has developed into something almost anyone can do at anytime and anywhere.
  4. Access – In this new age, everyone has a smartphone that is capable of playing video and of course making calls. So take advantage of the tool and use it for what is capable of.There are many more reasons why Calls and Video are an important tool for the personal development of an entrepreneur, however these are simply tools and tools are only as good as its user.

When you become indulged in developing yourself, pushing to learn at least one new thing every day, that is when you will see and find success. With any business, online or not, a successful entrepreneur must make the daily changes to see the change in themselves.
If You Don’t Understand This, You Are Not Ready


I stress the level of importance because it is a known FACT personal development is a fundamental for success.


Take a look around you, there are those who live paycheck to paycheck with no financial integrity and complain about always being broke. There are those who work corporate jobs and are paid well, but spend more time with work than loved one’s.



Because these people have fallen into the “rat-race” routine, and continue running in circles hoping that one day their lives might just turn around. Sadly, for most it never does. There are people in their 60’s working jobs for less than $12 an hour, and yes there are endless possibilities as to why they could be there, but I can safely assume it is because the rat-race never paid out how it was supposed to.

Personal Development For A Reason

I can talk about personal development all day long, because it is something I am now passionate about. But what could it mean for you? What could learning about the mental abilities hidden within you actually mean?

It is different for everyone, but it always leads to the same place, success.
You may not realize it, but it could be as simple as reading 1 book from cover to cover, that you see the exponential growth you need.

After indulging in so much audio, books, and videos, I definitely can say I will never think “broke-minded” again. This may sound harsh, but a financially uneducated person just does not have control of their money, in fact it is the opposite, money controls them.
If you may just feel that same way, you are not alone. I was in the same boat not even 4 months ago. Until I finally realized what I wanted in life, the way there became clear. I knew I did not want a boss, I knew I did not like waking up in the morning to give MY time to someone else’s dream, and I definitely knew I will be leaving the rat-race ASAP.
If you made it all the way through this post, I congratulate you. This was lengthy and very detailed, but I can assure you this was one of my more important posts.

I will be adding all the recommendations of material in the drop down menu for “Personal Development”, with direct links and information on everything provided.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post, and sticking with me in this Affiliate Journey.

Best regards,

Brandon Bautista



P.S. This week (11/02/17), I will be in Las Vegas for Awaken, a live event hosted by Awol Academy. I will be meeting Keala and Kameron, so stay tuned for my Vlog coming soon on the event!


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