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Hello readers!

First and foremost I want to wish everyone happy holidays (even though I’m a bit late), and to wish everyone an amazing new year!

So… what is going to happen this year, what kind of changes are coming to me and this blog, and what do I hope to accomplish?

Well I want to recap what has already been accomplished so a foundation can be laid out.

2017 recap key points:

  1. I signed up with Awol Academy and Wealthy Affiliate
  2. The affiliate journal blog was built and introduced
  3. affiliate posts, reviews, and recommendations were added
  4. received the first physical check from Awol Academy
  5. wrapped up Phase 1

So, I believe that a lot was accomplished in the 5-6 months since starting in 2017. But this year, with a fresh new start, I want to triple or even quadruple the amount of work put into this. So let’s jump into what is coming in 2018 and what I plan to accomplish.

2018 goals:

  1. Add in 1 new post weekly related to affiliate marketing, dreams and achievements, reviews, recap, and more
  2. Create “how-to’s”; I hope to create very useful “instructables” and show exactly how things are done
  3. Inspire more readers to join the proven systems, Awol Academy & Wealthy Affiliate
  4. Add in more affiliate related systems such as, Amazon Affiliate & Shopify
  5. create YouTube videos, and add in new photo content to the site
  6. recieve more feedback from you! readers are able to leave comments for me down below on their thoughts!

So now that these goals have been set, what kind of information would you personally like to see? I am consistently asking my readers to share their thoughts and not to be shy, yet it seems we haven’t overcome that obstacle yet.

I want to start off 2018 with a bang!

What Am I Working On Right Now?

I am currently working on a couple different tasks, but let me fill you in!

I am working on an introduction video, one that will not only be motivating but also strategically edited so it looks like a short film

I am also working on the next phase of the journal and trying to expand the amount of people I can reach with my posts

Also, I am creating a tutorial on how to build site just like this one! step-by-step so anyone of any skill can create their very own website!

What Do YOU Hope To Accomplish In 2018?

I hope everyone has goals set for this new year, not so much a resolution, but a goal and a plan to accomplish!

“A goal without a plan is just a dream” – Brian Tracey

So that’s all for this one folks, I just wanted to fill you in on what I am doing this year.

Stick around and you’ll see that this very site will be one to help guide and inform you with everything I know. All the information I present are passed down from very successful people or I have personally done myself

Thank you all for everything, and to a great new year!

Brandon Bautista



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