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A lot has been accomplished within the last couple months, but a lot has also been slacking. So in this post, I will be covering everything that been accomplished, what hasn’t (that was planned), and what will be coming up in the next month or so.

So stick with me here as we deep dive into this introduction to the first segment of affiliate marketing. I will be sharing some important info that might just help you get started, or motivated to continue forward if you feel stuck.

Without anymore rambling, let’s jump in!

First Two Months

This all started with a simple video ad I saw on YouTube, it was an advertisement from Awol Academy featuring Keala Kanae himself. I was drawn in, and I was completely motivated to try something completely new and outside of my comfort zone.

I have been burned by MLM companies in the past, so I was skeptical at first, but luckily I stuck with it and followed through. One of the best decisions of my life and I am completely grateful I found the opportunity.

I got home that same night I signed up with Awol Academy and started planning out and researching what was to come. Awol Academy is pretty pricey educational system, but I can say it was worth every penny spent. I spent around $3,000 when I first started up and got around to learning about sales funnels, marketing strategies, copy writing, and overall all the tools needed to make money online marketing other peoples products!

Finding Other Routes

Because I was not able to afford the entire Awol Academy bundle, I decided to take action a little differently. I had been studying all the material I purchased within Awol for a solid month now and I felt ready but not?

I felt a little stuck almost, and I have been poking around at other affiliate marketing training and I came across Wealthy Affiliate!

My friend Miguel (who I will feature in a future post with Shopify) had told me about Wealthy Affiliate before, and after looking at the potential behind the program, I decided to join! I started a free account and began learning the material inside.

Building The Website

After starting with Wealthy Affiliate (about a month after I started Awol), I studied the style and method used to bring in affiliate sales. Wealthy Affiliate uses websites (hosted by them, built on wordpress) to create niche sites on virtually anything you like!

The complete breakdown and step-by-step tutorials show you how to create beautiful websites that are attractive and look like real online store! The direction you can take is endless; store front, blog, review site, literally anything!

So I thought to my self, what if I could help others create their own online business and guide people through systems that actually work!

I combined everything I know so far from both programs, and created this website.

Progress & Ideas

I have been working on this site as much as can throughout my free time, balancing school work, work, and other activities but I can easily it has paid off very well. I try to update this blog with at least one new post every week related to what I am learning or have been influenced by.

I do apologize if my posts haven’t directly been about how you can build your own business online, but I will be adding that content in Phase 3. I believe the schools that are teaching me at the moment are the fundamental key’s to getting started.

I have many ideas brewing in content that I will be adding very soon such as, YouTube videos, more personable posts and progress reports, product reviews and integrating the material I am using, plus adding more business related content because that is what this is all about!

Awol Awaken 2017

A huge highlight of phase one was the Awol Awaken Event. This event was completely transformational for me, because I was surrounded by hundreds of others sharing the same dream of being financially free from online marketing. Tom and Keala the speakers were fantastic and I learned so much more in 3 days than I ever could from hundreds of books and audio.

This event really sparked my motive to create better content for you my readers, and I have a ton of ideas I want to share with you in later posts. For now, I will be away starting up the YouTube channel and getting my ideas on video! (because watching a video is always more fun than reading right!?)

I got to meet the man himself at this event, probably one of the best highlights of that event.

To Be Continued…

As I wrap up the Journal Phase 1, I want to quickly say thank you. For taking time out of your day to read the material I wish to share on this site. I know everything I say may or may not apply to you, or you simply landed on one of my posts because of a review or something. Whatever that reason may be, thank you!

One last note I want to leave everyone one. Take a minute to reflect on your life currently and see what area’s you are very happy with, okay with, and not so happy with. Look at all aspects of your life such as, family, relationships, health, work, finances, fitness, etc.

If you are dissatisfied with any of those areas, take a minute and reevaluate the situation. How did it get there? How you can improve or help that area? The answer can only be addressed by you, so reflect as much as you can. All of this was from Tony Robbins, thank you for tuning in.

Until next month friends,

Brandon Bautista


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